All prices quoted are for basic butter cream icing. for a quote and date check

Cakes start at $2.00 serving, tiered cakes start at $2.75.
*Cakes over 50 servings or $100 quote require a consultation and tasting- see the consultation note under ordering.

Cupcakes start at $2.00 piece and $2.50 with fondant accent/decorations.
*If ordering multiple dozens- flavors and icings can be changed- 2 dozen cupcakes= 2 different flavors, 2 different icings.

Cheesecake tarts $24 per dozen.

Chocolate Chip
Double Chocolate
$2 pc/$20 dz

We also sell Emiroos. A cookie sandwich with icing in the middle named after my cousin Emily. $2.75 a piece.

Chocolate w/ walnuts
$20 for 30 servings

Delivery- free to K-Mart parking lot in Canton, GA or .60 cents per mile round trip from
          1750 Marietta Hwy # 100  Canton, GA 30114