Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Cakes (and no writing cakes)!

Birthday Cakes!

It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown theme... birthday cake.

Loads of fun with this cake! :)

Chocolate cake, whipped filling, chocolate icing, pink fondant accents...

Dragon Cake. Choc cake and cream cheese icing.

1/4 Sheet Cake 60th birthday cake yellow cake with vanilla butter cream frosting.

standard cake- no border

Choc everything- choc butter cream icing- standard cake

Birthday cake- all butter cream

Birthday cake with cookie cutter center

21st bday cake- fondant mug on loaf pan cake, butter cream on base cake

Flower cake with basket weaving- primarily daisies with violet edges

basket weave- prices vary depending on cake size

Choc cake with butter cream icing, butter cream roses

Chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream- butter cream roses and accents

This was actually an Easter cake- yellow cake with butter cream icing and butter cream roses.

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