Thursday, March 11, 2010

For the love of Thursday!

This week has been less than exciting....and I am a total liar! :-D

Monday was no fun, but Tuesday the girls came back to work! How is that fun for me? Well, I promised them a cake so that kept me entertained for a bit. Then back to the hum-drum of my home life... riddled with an hour or two of homework (counting down the days until finals!), cleaning, making a cheese cake (frustrated + boredom= baking) and then speaking to one of the few Krista's I know of in existence and learning that her husband's name is Matthew!!? WHAT?! Crazy.

That brings us to Wednesday night- I deliver the cake to the Bouched Babes, only to learn that half of the duo isn't there. Tragedy. Talked to Jena for a few about their trip and our mutual adoration for Asheville, then headed home- cooked dinner, answered some emails, talked to the hubs and passed out around 8:30. What a life, right?

Woke up this morning feeling quite puny. I elected to veg around the house for a bit until I felt like going to work.... get to work, check emails/voice mails, yadda yadda... and BAM, I'm informed that my loving Mater has assisted me in getting incorporated! INCORPORATED! Craaaaaazyyyy.

So- even though I feel puny today, it's a great day. It's exciting to know that we're on our way toward being what I've termed as important... :)

Thanks to everyone who has either said nice words about our treats or ordered from us. Without people like you, this would still be a very distant pipe dream instead of a dream in the process of realization.

As my Aunt Rita would say, HUGS!

-Soror Sweets, Inc.-

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