Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Barter system...

**As always over look punctuation/grammar issues.**

I've decided it's time to start branching out into my basement instead of my too-tiny-already kitchen for SS. My thought process is this, if bartering were still a major form of payment I would be set... I could trade Joe Bob birthday cakes for his kiddos to do the drywall, I could trade Peggy Ann a wedding cake for a sink, I could trade Leroy some cheese cakes for tile work and so on.... I really hate credit cards and loans... with a passion. I feel so trapped and broke. Which for most part I am definitely the latter. So, I really want to start this adventure ahead of the game and with as little accumulation of debt as possible. Will that happen? Probably not... a girl can dream!

I've contacted a contractor (sounds funny), a friend with a hubbers that does construction work and also told the men-folk in my family that are constructionally inclined about my goal. I would like to say this will be completed by fall, but that really isn't something I can say this early in the game. I have to convince my own hubbers this is of the utmost importance first.

So, if you know of anyone that would be interested in bartering to build a kitchen/office/bathroom in my basement- let me know!! :)

OH! And our page is live on!!

Picture during house construction- that is the door to my proposed kitchen and the window to my proposed office... I will add some pictures of the inside tonight when I get home.

What will eventually be the bathroom.
What will eventually be the kitchen,
the boogie boards serve as a window treatment.
Ceiling. :
What will be the office...


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