Saturday, May 1, 2010!

Alright ladies and gents- as some of you may know I do advertising on a couple of sites. One of those sites is we're under party planning and catering, I think. Either way, throughout the year there will be coupons and other things you may want to keep an eye on if you're planning on ordering anything from me. I'm not going to constantly update the blog to remind you because, well, if you're going to buy a cake, I'm perfectly fine with it being at full price. .

ALSO, you can follow me on there (in essence) and get updates when the coupons and stuff change. All you do is go to (my direct link- so favorite it and check in periodically for coupons) find the "Sign up/on" button on the top tool bar, fill in your information and then add different businesses to follow. There are a TON of other local businesses on there like The Heritage House ( But, either way get on there and check out the coupons- maybe there are other promotions from other businesses that could help you out!

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