Monday, August 29, 2011

*New Name*

Hey guys/gals! I have officially began the ball rolling with our name change.

When Anna and I started this adventure we had this grand plan that we would be able to do cakes together and function in our day-to-day lives. When we started this in 2009 it was very much a hobby, one that I never saw taking off quite like it has. As soon as I began booking up with weddings, it became obvious that if we wanted to pursue this as a potential career we needed to take the next step. We registered with the state and set up a tax account and all that jazz.

As time has gone on, we've regarded several aspects of this like a hobby still. This has bitten me very badly once and I will never make the same mistake again. This past year I have been trying to focus more on the business end and getting things in order for a potential store front. My husband also was laid off during this planning process so it's been one learning experience on top of a life experience. Most of you know I work a full-time job and do the cakes as a side business. There have been many sleepless nights, weekends worked and stressful situations... throughout all of this I have learned this is something I am truly passionate about. I love baking and being a part of so many special people's lives. I have made several friends through my cakes and hope to make several more.

With all of these life lessons and changes the biggest one of all is that Soror Sweets has lost the Soror. Since Anna and I don't live in the same town it was slowly becoming less Soror and more me. There's nothing I would want more than to have a bakery that my sister and I ran but things don't always work out as planned. Anna is engaged and taking on the stresses of planning a wedding and I am taking on the stresses of opening a store front. Anna is now going full-time to school (yay) and with those opportunities it forced her to prioritize and unfortunately for me, school/wedding trumps cakes.

So, what's the new name? Did you pick some foreign words no one can say or spell? Luckily for everyone who ever had any problems with "soror", I went with something people can say. I'm not sure when our name will be updated per the state's website but from here on out I am:

                                              Copper Top Cakery, LLC

I still wanted something that was inclusive to me and had a story to it... I didn't want my name in it, but still wanted it to be personal. I've had orange hair since birth, I might as well try embracing it now.

Our facebook fan page and facebook page have been changed, the website/email is next. I'm hoping everything will be up and running by Thursday of this week but- we will see.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our successes and growth! I look forward to starting this new chapter with all of you!


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