Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consultations, Contracts and Cancellations... oh my

Alright folks, it's to that point now where I have to protect myself and establish a contract and cancellation policy for orders. I took off work (my full-time, real, big-girl paying the mortgage job) to complete all the orders I had for today (1- 13x9 sheet cake double stacked and filled, 1- 11x15 sheet, 210 cookies and a dozen cupcakes). If one of these were to get canceled- I would be out a lot of time and a hunk of change. I have to reiterate that cakes and the like do not pay my mortgage, feed me, pay for my car or support me in anyway. This is a side business that I  am trying desperately to build into a full-time career. I pour my time, talent and hard-earned money into this endeavor. I would appreciate it if everyone understood I don't stay at home all day waiting for orders. I have to schedule my treats to coincide with my work schedule. When that is impossible I take vacation days that I have earned and use them to complete orders- like today. Please understand I am trying to establish a business, not make things difficult.

New rules are as follows
 Wedding cakes- 10% down payment (applies to your cake balance- not a separate fee) to hold your date with full payment due 7 days prior to event. If you cancel with more than a week until your wedding you will forfeit your down  payment but can apply it to another treat the same month as your wedding. If you cancel within a week of your event the fees break down as follows:
5-7 days- 30% of cake price
3-4 days- 80% of cake price
2-1 day(s)- full cake price

You will have a 72 hour window to cancel your treat without any sort of problem. If you cancel within 48 hours, you will be responsible for the amount of time/supplies that have gone into the treat. If you cancel within 24 hours you will be responsible for the full amount of the order.

Consultations- wedding cake consults are free for design and time but if you are taste testing there will be a charge. I do my taste testing with cupcakes- I do 2 for each flavor of interest by the bride/groom. The pricing for taste testing will be a minimum of $5 (2 flavors- 4 cupcakes). I know you may think, $5 wow- that's crazy- but it helps cover my expenses if you don't book a wedding cake through me. If you do- the consultation fee is applied to the wedding cake.

Just bare with me guys. This is all a live and learn process for me. I appreciate everyone checking out Soror Sweets and allowing us to work with you on your events!

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